🍞 The Kitchen (2017))
Marlot Meyer

The Kitchen (2017)

What does it mean to live in a room? To take possession of a space. When is it truly yours? It is in space that bodies exist. Spaces are simply containers waiting to be filled by content. Users turn their lived experience into abstractions: the house is not just inhabited in daily life, but in the imagination too: the idea of the "nest", the "corner" etc.
The threshold as both boundary and bridge: investigations of spaces, public and private, local and global. The intrusion of the public sphere into the private space, and the blurring of notions of interior, privacy and intimacy in our societies. If the threshold no linger separates public from private, and if we can no longer think of the house as a bastion of privacy, does the body still inhabit the house - or does the house, evolving into a series of micro-devices, inhabit the body? (installation and durational performance)