Hacking Heuristics



BAD AWARD: Hacking Heuristics BAD Award Winners

On the screen you can see a visualisation of the impulses that were sent to my head. What was so interesting was that usually you receive a pulse, at a certain frequency, so its very linear. This, however, was 'noise', meaning that it was many frequencies at the same time, in a random order. The experience of this was also very bizzare. Unlike the other impulses I had felt that made me sway from side to side, this one was much less of a bodily reaction and more of a visual and physical reaction in my head. It felt like you had just stepped off a rollercoaster and your head was still spinning. My vision also started flickering a little bit, as if the lights in the room had turned into stroboscopes. This feeling really provided a more accurate experience of what it would be like to feel someone else's biosignals in your own head. But, unfortunately, I'm not sure if this experience might be too unpleasent for visitors.. 



Neuroscience BAD Award Winner 2022, BIO Art & Design