Hacking Heuristics



BAD AWARD: Hacking Heuristics BAD Award Winners

Today we had a breakthrough! I have been working with a creative coder - Arran Lyon - to help with filtering the data coming in from the sensors, and to set up the framework for the machine learning. This filtering is used to extract the information which represents specific aspects of the internal responses occuring in the body. What you see in the image is a segment of recorded data with sensors connected to my prefrontal cortex. For this I used 1024Hz sampling rate and Arran applied a band pass filter of 0.5-50Hz. You can see the orange line which is the smoothed reading. What is great to see is that while I was recording the values, I tried to relax the first half of the time, and try think and make decisions in the second half. You can clearly see this reflected in the orange curve.



Neuroscience BAD Award Winner 2022, BIO Art & Design